bees and rattlesnakes and squirrels oh my

Quote of the dayThere is only one way to walk, one step at a time” – eleni

We start! Took the shuttle down to yosemite valley after saying goodbye to mom. We go our picture taken at Happy Isles (which marks the beginning of the John Muir Trail). SNAP, Brian’s trekking pole broke. We mended it withduct tape and began our climb. Epic views of nevada falls and the back of half-dome. Ate lunch at the falls and the base of Mnt Brodrick.  This is when we were bluff charged by the fattest squirrel ever. He ran straight at us, no fear. The guy next to us had one come up to him and he slapped the monster on the forehead with a stick and it kind of blinked and continued to stare stupidly at him. I eventually ran at it making wild indian calls and brandishing my trekking poles. We continued after lunch to climb up the huge mountain and were tricked by our minds into thinking we were almost done for the day when we still had 3 grueling miles to go (up a thousand feet of switchbacks). Total elevation gain today 3,200 ft and it kicked our asses.

I almost stepped on a rattlesnake as I was setting up the kitchen (It jutted right underneath my outstretched foot). We were later swarmed by angry hornets at dinner. Amazingly we both agree we haven’t had this much fun in a long time. We are “happy as clams in a sea bed” (brian just said this) and in bed by 8:00.


~ by elenimonos on August 11, 2008.

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