attack of the evil deer

Quote of the day  “We are the mayor of this mountain’s ass”- eleni

Woke up early to begin our ascent up half dome. It was a fantastic trip. Incredible views and we were basically all alone. The cables went straight up the cliff face and Brian and I were dizzy from the climb. At the top a friendly New Zealander took our picture from across the cliff. Brian laid on his stomach and looked down over the 9,000 ft drop. We passed a ton of people

on the way down and STUPIDLY only brought one Nalgene. It is hot. Were were pretty delerious by the time we got back to the el scorcho tent to pack up. We then dragged our fat asses up a couple more sweaty miles to sunrise creek where we camped in the middle of a beautiful white tree forrest. We did our chores (even laundry in the bubbling brook and did some meditating.) During dinner a dear walked by with her baby. This sounds very adorable and we probably would have thought so too if we hadn’t just smoked a bowl and weren’t paranoid out of our minds (that turned out to be the last time we smoked on the

jmt). Somehow the baby deer got between us, the creek and her mom and the mom started pawing her feet and snorting (do deers snort you ask?) this one did, until I got the hell out of the way and and hit my butt in the tent and haven’t left since. I guess it’s early bedtime at 6:30 pm, some wilderness skills yet to be .


~ by elenimonos on August 12, 2008.

One Response to “attack of the evil deer”

  1. this is hilarious. paranoid by Bambi? and yet it sounds like an extremely stressful situation haahahahaha

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