Cathedral Lake

Quote of the day “Joy, Love, Creativity and aliveness are concealed in the still gap between perception and interpretation”-Ekhart Tolle

After little or no sleep we heard the alarm ring at 5:30. During breakfast 14 deer tromped out of the meadow in a single file line (apparently we are camped at headquarters) stopped 10 feet from us and stared us down. I freaked out and brian went right up to them and emitted a weird gurgeling noise to scare them off. At this point I was tired and creeped out and grouchy and just wanted to get out of the freaky animal filled forrest. We had to climb out of a huge bowl (1000 ft) but after that the rest of the day was amazing. We got out of the dense forrest and had sprawling views of jagged and twisted granite peaks (that we hiked over later that day), came to a glorious high sierra meadow  that was filled with sunshine, flowers, butterflies and a purple mountain backdrop. We ended up at our first lake. Cathedral lake is as blue and clear as a desolation lake but surrounded by lush green grass. Cathedral peak towers over its center, cutting into the sky like a sharp tooth. We went swimming, meditated and watched the ducks dive for food in the water. Our camp is under a shady tree with green grass, white granite and the whole lake for a panorama. We are in our tent writing and looking over maps as the last rays of sunshine hit the mountain and shine through out little house. We are at peace. 🙂


~ by elenimonos on August 13, 2008.

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