Happiness is a cheeseburger with extra mayo

We started our day by hiking 6 miles to Toulumne Meadows and picked up our first food drop. We got fat bacon cheeseburgers and smothered them in mayonnaise and salt. We then pounded a red bull and began our hike into lyell canyon with apprehension (we have heard it is the most heavily populated bear area in yosemite).  As soon as we stepped past the lyell canyon sign we saw a bear sleeping in the middle of the trail. Needless to say we were intimidated. We then walked 6 more miles up the lyell river and camped on a bend close to the trial. We are so sore and exhausted. Too tired and freaked out by bears to cook a hot meal. We ate a gourmet dinner of trail mix, easy cheese, cheetos and sour gummy worms on a flat piece of granite infront of a wide swirling section of the lyell river. Now we are in our tent and brian is trying to tell me we have to go just as far tomorrow only also over a huge pass.


~ by elenimonos on August 14, 2008.

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