snow covered passes and bee stings

Quote of the day “where are we?”

We began our day ready to hike up Donehue Pass. We charged up it feeling happy and strong. Then we realized that what we charged over was just a hill in front of the pass. So we had a snack and went over the pass again still feeling good. When we got to the top we realized what we had clambered up was another hill at the base of what we now could see was a gargantuan 11,000 ft snow covered pass. THis is when we realized that a pass is not one mountain but many. However climbing down the first granite mountain we came to a place that the only word Brian and I could fine adequate enough to describe it was heaven. White granite steps lead to the base of this beautiful granite snow covered mountain and cross a long glacier turquoise pool. Around the pool was green grass, wild flowers and butterflies. We sat on the stones crossing the pool and looked out as the wind whipped across it like it was scattering precious diamonds. We were in awe of the beauty of god and the universe. I will think of this place as the perfect peaceful paradise forever in my heart. After climbing the white granite stairs out on the other side we still had another mountain  to climb over. We finally got to the top and were out of Yosemite and into the Inyo Wilderness. We took our packs off to have some lunch after was no doubt the most grueling climb Brian and I had ever done. However a shady fat marmot (which is like a super-sized genetically engineered squirrel) ran up to us and I (naturally) freaked out and made Brian climb all the way down the other side of the pass to the valley before we could have lunch. We sat down exhausted and saw rain clouds looming. We still had 6 more miles to go. Crossing into the Inyo wilderness we thought it looked like Tim Burton’s version of the Sierras.  Everything was more sparse and twisted but still covered with flowers. As we were pondering this a bee stung me in the f@$&ing shin. I had a panic attack, poor brian, we both thought I might be allergic. I was fine however. We are camped by a stream. Brian and I feel like we are more in the Now then ever and we feel our consciousness getting pulled  forth from the wilderness. Brian says he is happy as long as no one gets a rattlesnake bite (he is currently reading how to fix one).


~ by elenimonos on August 15, 2008.

One Response to “snow covered passes and bee stings”

  1. How to get your consciousness pulled to the surface 101. Tim Burton’s version of the Sierras. I want to jump through my computer screen and into this picture forever

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