Lightning Evacuation

Quote of the day “don’t worry, be happy” -Bobby McFerrin

We actually got our butts up at 5:00 am this morning and were on the trail by 7:00. We passed beautiful thousand island lake and went over two little passes and were at garnet lake before 10 am. 5.6 miles, we rile. We found the most amazing and choicest of spots  (we are having a rest day). It is on the edge of a peninsula in the middle of of the lake. Our view is of 13,000 ft Mnt Banner and beautiful clear water surrounds us. We have a washing cove, a swimming hole, a meditation cliff and a beautiful sandy landing for our tent. We did our laundry with the ingenious system of using the bear bins as washing machines and we laid our clothes out to dry on the granite. Brian pondered jokingly about our sleeping pads making good flotation devices and then we realized it was an amazing idea and did just that. Thats right, me and B-train, floating on our sleeping pads underneath banner peak in the middle of glacial Garnet lake, I wish you could see us now.

We washed our hair. AHHHH. And had a nice lunch. Are you wondering why nothing dramatic has happened yet. Two words. Lightning Evacuation.  Thats right, our sweet spot in the middle of the lake happens to be just that, in the middle of the lake with no trees and our titanium tent in the center of it all. So we see lightning on banner peak and consult our first aid manuel which after detailing the horrors that can happen to a person that got struck by lighting in the middle of nowhere, finally advises us to to find a “cone of safety” which is a 45 degree angle from a tall object like a tree (but not the tallest tree). Then you sit under it on a sleeping pad to absorb shock waves. So we decided to head for the hills and packed emergency bags with ponchos , head lamps, layers and provisions. We hiked off the peninsula and found cones of safety. With us were our shock absorbent sleeping pads, the very same water toys from hours earlier. We sat away from each other (as the first aid kit advised) and were very protected in our ponchos from the down pour around us. We each at a snickers bar under our ponchos and sang happy songs to the sky from our cone of safety. An hour later a bright blue hole appeared in the sky as the storm passed over us. When the rain stopped and the birds came out and the sky lit up in glory over the rim of banner peak, we had a peak experience of overwhelming love. We weathered the storm. We felt like John Muir, humbled by nature at yet at one with it and each-other.

P.S – We just watched the most sky light beautiful sunset, brian says its always prettier after a storm.


~ by elenimonos on August 16, 2008.

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  1. this is horrifying. crazy crazy crazy kids you are

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