Johnston Meadow

Today we hiked out of Garnet Lake and passed three lakes that were in the relm of endless switchbacks. We would go over 5o switchbacks, get to the top only to find we had yet another 50 switchbacks to go up. This happened at least five times. So we went uphill for half of the day and then went downhill the rest of the day in a forrest that looked like Tahoe which made us feel very at home. We had some backpackers ask us questions about terrain and were very impressed about our epic journey. We continued on with inflated egos to camp which was in a beautiful meadow by a river. The river was full of trout and I decided to try to fish. The big trout swam around my powerbait looking like they were just as soon going to jump out of the river into my hand as eat the florescent pink bait on a hook I was dangling in front of them. I decided what I really wanted to do was read a book naked in the sun and did just that. We meditated and read Ekhart and made our first fire. We ate our dinner (pad thai) and joked around and were happy and had a hot bath. Now we are in bed and grateful for our strength and aliveness and peace.


~ by elenimonos on August 17, 2008.

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