clean white sheets

So we woke up and it was sooooo freaking cold. We made pancakes (dough balls really) and froze. We could see our breath until 9:00. Brian informs me he is aching all over and weak. By the time we get to red’s meadow he is green and can hardly walk. I walk into the general store and ask if they have a room. Miraculously, they do. For just seventy bucks I put brian in a little mountain themed cabin that looks just like the bedroom he grew up in. I excitedly get ready to do the easiest laundry of the trip in an actual sink with real running water when I find out there is a washing machine. I am giddy with excitement. I spent the day showering (watching in awe as pounds of dirt washes away from me and swirls down the drain), eating a gallon of Cherry Garcia Ice Cream, laying in beautiful bed and doing laundry while Brian re-cooperated. We ate a horrifying amount of crap and brian is feeling much better. Ready to hit the trail in the morning.


~ by elenimonos on August 18, 2008.

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