no water and new friends

We started in the morning with a fat breakfast after waking up in our nice comfy beds. However when we finally got walking again we missed our badly marked trail and did an extra 4 miles in some shitty dusty burnt down forrest before we did a circle and saw the trail that we had passed by initially. At least we made some friends. Three Bulgarian PHD students from Princeton! They are a bit underprepared and do not have a map (they also missed the junction). They showed us how to eat wild gooseberries. We ate lunch with them in a meadow and they told us that they have seen 4 bears in 3 days. Since they don’t have a tent the bears have been waking them up by sniffing their faces in the night. Yikes! The day got much worse from there. We had so much elevation gain (2,000) ft and because of bad luck (dry streams) and sheer stupidity we did not have any water for 6 miles. I do not need to go into the horror of not having water and not knowing if you will find it but I had tears in my  eyes when we finally crossed a stream. We are camped by that stream. Eventually our friends found us and we shared our dinner with them and made tea for all. They made a big fire and we talked until the stars came out. It is wonderful to meet knew backpacking friends.


~ by elenimonos on August 19, 2008.

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