squaw lake

We got up around 6:00 and cooked our hot coffee a ways away from our freezing looking friends lying in only sleeping bags on the ground. They got going much earlier than us because they didn’t have as much crap as us. When we finally got going (I hope I am not sounding redundant) we hiked up switchbacks for a couple of hours. To keep us entertained we sang all the radio hits from the 90’s that we could remember and analyzed dave matthews lyrics. We ate snacks at lovely purple lake and then met our bulgarian buddies at shimmering green fielded lake virginia. Anton (the 8 language speaking PHD linguistic major) decided to hike the next section with us because the others were too slow. He talked to us about his dissertation on the bulgarian pronoun. We lunched by the waterfall and nicholi and juelio met up with us and they shared their bread and fish with us. After lunch we parted for the last time and did another 3 miles up switchbacks (silver pass). We camped at squaw lake and watched a million fish jump out of the bright orange sunset reflecting lake. We ate freeze dried ice cream for dessert. We are so damn happy and can see the beautiful time flying by us. We feel like dreamers who just realized they were dreaming. Time is different out here. It feels like no time has passed and yet it feels like we have ben out here forever.


~ by elenimonos on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “squaw lake”

  1. I want to splash in lakes and analyze Dave lyrics and eat freeze dried ice cream and realize I am living a dream with you. Did I mention I miss you to the point that it hurts

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