Sandpiper Lake

Marley woke us up at six this morning (Marley is the sweetest mutt dog who belongs to a backpacker next door). She rolls on her back as soon as she approaches you and whimpers with ecstatic joy. She started to scratch at the tent and we let her in because we didn’t want her to tear it, and she rolled around crying and giving us exuberant kisses. We hiked 5 miles (2 miles off the JMT) to the prettiest lake yet. Sandpiper lake is a wrap around bright blue lake half surrounded by granite and half surrounded by green grass. There is a beach and a waterfall and plenty of deep blue green coves that are so sparkling clear you can watch the rainbow trout approach from ten feet away and it looks like they are flying in the air. The mountains surrounding it are made of a pale red rock and are shaped in all kinds of interesting curves. If you hike 200 feet above the lake you run into at least ten more pretty lakes. We are the only ones here. We did laundry and read and lounged on rocks naked in the sun. Tomorrow is our day off and we are thinking of taking shrooms and wandering around those little lakes. Should be fun.


~ by elenimonos on August 23, 2008.

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