sandpiper lake to thousands of lakes

Quote of the Day “the water looks trippy” -eleni “the water is trippy” – Brian

We did indeed do shrooms and wander around those little lakes. It was amazing, I’ll start with that. Of course we were nervous at first but we were in the now from beginning to end. We started by swimming in our lake off our little cove. This is when we began to trip out. We felt very small. We felt loose in our skin as we clambered up the stream inlet to the lake. Everything began to grow around us and we hiked over the granite giggling as turquoise sparkling lake after turquoise sparkling lake unfolded around us. We came to one emerald lake that was perfectly clear but only a few feet deep. The bottom was squishy mud that felt wonderful on our feet. We walked around and around the sparkly lake. The water felt indescribable and left a little cloudy trail behind us where ever we went. We walked straight across the lake. When we began to come off the shrooms we felt even more deeply at peace. We knew instinctively that there was nothing in this pretty place that could ever bother us or hurt us. Later Brian thought we should climb over a few ridges to see if we could find the JMT without having to backtrack. We packed a day pack and took our trekking poles and bodies over a few ridges. We felt so exceptionally gifted at walking. By this time the shrooms had worn off completely but we both agreed that this was the most fun we had had all day. We felt so alive, never had I felt so connected to my body. We hiked up the highest peak in the area to see if we could see lake Marjorie where the JMT runs along. We were not on any trail but in the vast and beautiful wilderness and knew exactly where we were. Grand mountain vistas enfolded around us. When we got to the top of the peak Marjorie Lake shimmered out in-front of us like the buried treasure of any adventurer. The most glorious lake we had ever seen on top of the world. The wind whipped across her scattering thousands of diamonds back and forth and then reached our faces and bodies like sweet warm kisses. Ahh we were in heaven. This realization simple and true. The simple truth. The peak experience of our lives up till now. There was heaven and their was god, and their was eternal bliss. Such overwhelming love. We sat cross- legged together, me and my love, on top of the whole world, eating skittles and sour gummy worms that tasted so good and knowing that joy is always who we are, always at every moment. In short the best day of my life.


~ by elenimonos on August 24, 2008.

One Response to “sandpiper lake to thousands of lakes”

  1. This has made me cry twice. I wish I were there with you on this day

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