hot-springs and tests from the universe

You think your so enlightened and then you drop your camera into the water and loose all your JMT pictures. But before that, Brian and I woke up and bush whacked our way over a few ridges to the same beautiful Marie lake. Up close she was just as stunning. We got to a little cove that was very shallow and saw (we couldn’t believe our eyes) a school of giant rainbow trout swimming back and forth. There were like hundreds. So as I was handing brian the camera we missed the interception and splash. We retreived it after a full dunk and it worked for like a second then nothing. As  Un-zen like as possible I started sobbing. All my pictures lost. In fact I continued to sob all the way up Seldon pass and most of the way down. Ekhart Tolle says, “The universe will give you whatever you need for the development of your consciousness.” I resent it bitterly. I used my pocket knife to take the camera apart so maybe some water would evaporate, and miraculously it worked. I was so elated. Brian was happy for me too. I sang all the way to Muir Trail Ranch where we picked up our food drop. We have to carry nine days in this one so we had to sacrifice snacks (my favorite part of the day) but since the most intense hiking is coming up, we won’t have time anyway. We camped at a little backpackers campground where we forded the river and sat in natural hot springs that a PCTr in Yosemite recommended. We talked with many other naked JMTrs in the sulfur pools who were all very down to earth hippies. Nice social change and tomorrow back to solitude. I am just happy as a clam, (as long as I have my Camera)


~ by elenimonos on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “hot-springs and tests from the universe”

  1. there is a larger reason you had your lost credit cards hand delivered to you and your camera dry and work again. If the universe really does give you what you need to develop your consciousness. (is this true? Man that explains so much and yet so little)

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