Evolution Valley

We hiked for about 10 hours today. 7:30 to 5 with the fullest packs we will have to carry. We entered beautiufl Kings Canyon and hiked up the crystal clear San Jaquin River all day. In the afternoon we made it to evolution valley (which is just as pretty as Yosemite, towering granite mountains and sweeping golden meadows sprinkled with indian paintbrushes, buttercups and blue bells, shimmery streams and no people not any). In fact the first people we saw today were some JMT’rs that were handing us the bundel of credit cards and money that we had dropped on the trail. Um yeah. The universe has been good to us on this trip. We camped at the base of muir pass on a gorgeous sunlit campsite by the river. I even had enough sun shine to do laundry and wash my hair. Ahhh. The sun stayed out so late we ate dinner in our underwear. Tomorrow starts the pass a day week.  Muir Pass 11,979 ft, Mather Pass 12,100 ft,  Pinchot Pass 12,130 ft, Glen Pass 11,978 ft and the infamous Forester Pass 13,180 ft.  We start for Muir pass at 6:00 am tomorrow so we can get over it before it gets too hot. Tonight is our 16th night on the trail. Crazy because it feels like I have been out here my entire life and at the exact same time It feels like I’ve just arrived.


~ by elenimonos on August 26, 2008.

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