Muir Pass my ass

We woke up at 4:3o. I am serious. Did I mention that Brian hates to get up when the stars are still out and you can see your breath so we can pack up and hike 15 miles up a pass (again). Yeah he really hates it. He usually whines in his sleeping bag when I tell him it’s time to get up until I pull the plug on his air mattress. Then he will whine louder in his sleeping bag on the cold ground. When he finally gets up, (or sits up) he will whine in an upright position trying to sleep like that. He does eventually get moving although if he says anything to me at all the first hour of the morning it is usually something like, “Balls, I  Hate the morning”. But can you blame him? We were hiking up switchbacks with forty pound packs hours before anyone we know was actually thinking about getting up and all they have to do is roll out of their comfy bed and turn on the coffee maker. Our reasoning is, we have to hike over these mountains any way and its a lot easier when your not stuck on the side of a pass in the devil hear. Pass, speaking of, Muir pass is what we went over today. It was by far the most beautiful thing we have seen yet. Passes in the High Sierra are kind of a double edged sword. Like Muir pass was full of sweeping greenery, the kind that can only come from alpine snow melt and cathedral like mountains and waterfalls and lakes so clear you could see frogs swimming 30 feet down at the bottom. On the other side you are going up switch back after switch back of crumbly rock in the devil sun which wouldn’t be soo bad if the altitude wasn’t twelve thousand feet in elevation and making you dizzy . And 9 times out of 10 when you get to the top of a pass there is a troop of marmots sitting at the top so big and fat you mistake them for seals waiting to charge you and get your food. Of course this is when I start to hyperventilate at 12,000 feet so brian has to walk all the way down the other side of the mountain before he can refuel on a moldy power bar and shitty trail mix. The day was beautiful, don’t get me wrong. Some of the most startling and epic views I have ever seen. I’m just saying, this isn’t easy. We are camped in a beautiful meadow with towering granite that looks like yosemite and it’s time for bed.


~ by elenimonos on August 27, 2008.

One Response to “Muir Pass my ass”

  1. waking up while the stars are still out.. would be pretty tough. You are my hero. Brian too

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