Rae Lakes

We hiked the rest of the way up pinchot pass this morning between 6:30 and 8:00. After that we ate breakfast and walked. For as Bill Brison noted in A Walk in the Woods, “this is what we do”. We had to get down from ten thousand something feet to eight thousand feet and back up to ten thousand feet in the course of a 15 mile day. This up and down is especially grueling on our already aching bodies. It was a tough day, by the time we got all the way down to the valley we had a 6 mile uphill climb to the base of Glen Pass. We are sore, smelly, dirty and beat as hell. During the last 6 miles the weather turned stormy and it began to gale. However when we got to incredible ray lakes the sun came out. And although it is windy as hell (the tent is threatening to cave in on us) I can absolutely see why this is my Mom’s favorite lake. (who hiked the jmt back in the years of external frames and 60 pound packs). The mountains are like nothing I have ever seen. Monstrous and cragged they are black with huge difining orange and white  stripes that contour around their ridges. Our camp spot has to be the prettiest on the lake with views of these tiger mountains and directly below fin dome (looks exactly like a huge dorsal fin. I am sure my mom stopped here because as an artist she always demands excellent views and this one is absolutely the best. It is very reassuring as I sit here in my aching dirtieness to know that my mom was here (who can no longer hike because of illness) just as dirty and hungry looking out over this lake only a few days away from completing this incredible trail.

ps Brian’s leg is really bothering him. Beginning to be worrisome, seems like very bad shin splints .


~ by elenimonos on August 30, 2008.

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  1. mom’s favorite lake 🙂

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