in the beginning

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Said Lao Tzu famously. I am sure he would agree that a journey of 2,655 miles does as well, even if it’s a baby step. So here it is, the first step, (metaphorically that is, the first actual step will not be for  over a year) a little announcement. (No Mom, Dad, I did not get a job with my shiny new college degree, and Brian and I aren’t getting married).

We are going to hike the pacific crest trail.

For those who don’t know, the pacific crest trial is 3 foot wide 2,655 mile long trail that runs from mexico to Canada . It crosses three states, three national monuments, seven national parks, twenty-four national forests, and forty-seven federally mandated wildernesses. Along the way it ascends more than fifty-seven major mountain passes, and innumerable bodies of water. Temperatures on the trail range from over 100 degrees in the deserts to below freezing in the high sierra and North Cascades. The trail’s lowest point is 140 feet above sea level at the Columbia River Gorge and it’s highest point is 13,200 feet at Forester Pass in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.


I like to walk.

I feel compelled by this trail. The moment I first heard about it I knew for certain that hiking it would be true. It has somehow always lingered in the peripheries of my life. Drop everything “important”  and just walk. Walk and  feel truly connected to earth and myself and to the beautiful present moment. Walk for a real life adventure and for the simplicity of life. Walk until my feet bleed and then some more, just to walk.

phew, second step: getting my butt off the couch . Training starts the day after graduation.


~ by elenimonos on April 8, 2010.

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