New Gear

Brian and I were able to go backpacking in desolation wilderness this weekend. We went to lake Aloha. A lake that looks exactly like the face of the moon would look if it was filled with sparkling snowmelt. We had some new gear to try out ( I will be making a gear list soon). The most exciting being our super light weight osprey exos packs ,

our six moon designs lunar duo shelter

and our caldera cone alcohol stove.

The packs feel like nothing at all, and have a lot of cool features that other packs of this weight do not (Extra pockets, ice axe strap, mesh back). The stove was unbelievable. We have been using msr firefly /propane for our backpacking careers and are now totally converted. The pepsi can stove weighs nothing and the cone is such an ingenious design I believe we could be cooking a hot meal in a windy downpour. It is incredible to me that we have been carrying propane when we have had the technology for this stove for decades. We had issues with the shelter because we were camped on moon rock and therefore could not get the stakes in. We tied the lines to rocks and managed to erect the tarp, however it was not tight and flapped like crazy in the wind. This lead us to cowboy camp on granite slopes of  the lake, which was beautiful and we did not have to turn on our headlamps on all night the full moon was so bright. Obviously we are going to have to work out this problem before we hit the pct, as I am sure there are a few rocks along the way.


~ by elenimonos on September 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “New Gear”

  1. Ah, you were up in our neck-of-the-woods! Glad that you had a great trip and are refining your “systems” to suit your needs. Mountain Education runs winter weekend trips into Aloha teaching snow skills training, so we’ve seen many a moon-lit night in there!

    • Ned!
      I have heard of your snow skills training course and was hoping to take it this winter! What a small world! Brian and I are Lake Tahoe natives. Do you know what week your snow class will be this year, we are very very interested!

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